Friday, June 26, 2009

The Economist survey on ageing.

I reckon The Economist is fantastic value for money.

Each week, in one publication, you get a distilled summary and interpretation of the important things that are happening in the world – all for the princely sum of £100/year.

OK, advert over.

This week’s edition has a special survey on the ageing of the world’s population. I have had a quick scan at the online version and it looks great. Definitely worth purchasing.

In its section about selling to the older demographic it perfectly summed up the situation.
The hardest thing about selling to older people is that they are such a heterogeneous group. Someone in his 70s may be in frail health and living in an old folks’ home; or he may be running for president of the United States, as John McCain did last year. There are many shades of grey.
You can say that again. Isn’t it a terrific photo on the cover? Dick Stroud

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William from Jobs or Business said...

I beg to differ here. You can not compare politics with market. It takes a long time to build up a career in politics. It is not like that you get a job if you are qualified. John McCain took more time to get qualified as politician as compared to Barack Obama. Hope younger people like Barack Obama will boost up the market.