Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is it surprising that UK pensions are in such a mess?

This has nothing to do with marketing to over-50s. It is a simple but heartfelt moan.

We all know about the financial issues of the ageing population and the impact of the recession on pensions. There are no simple answers.

The “big issues” are simple to understand but beneath them is a complex web of factors that takes time and intellect to understand.

Following the recent convulsions of the Government we have had our 11th minister put in charge of UK pensions. The previous incumbent (anybody remembers her name) was only appointed in October 2008.

It is not surprising that the situation of the UK’s pensions is in such a mess. On average ministers spend about 12 months in the job. That’s even less time than your average brand and marketing manager! Dick Stroud

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