Monday, June 15, 2009

It might make Microsoft try a bit harder

Back in February I was berated by a lady from Microsoft for suggesting the company wasn’t doing very much to help people suffering from the physiological effects of ageing.

I was wrong and I listed some of the things the company was doing to make using computers a little easier. I think the real problem is that few people know about the existence of these features.

The launch of the Go Computer might make MS think a little harder about this issue. The product provides:
  • large-letter keyboard
  • easy-rolling trackball mouse
  • zoom feature that magnifies up to 200%
These are the easy bits that anybody could add to a computer. The thing that might make it really different - beware the devil’s in the detail - is a:
New operating system based on a "GO" screen concept, backed up by immediate phone access to around-the-clock U. S.-based remote service and assistance.
A computer you can’t break, crash or confuse; a computer that won’t lose what’s put into it, and that’s protected from viruses and spam! Welcome to the world of a failure-free and fear-free computer.
Guess we will have to wait and see just how easy the product really is to use. It is not cheap $800 and I would expect a lot of "ease of use" at this price. Dick Stroud

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