Monday, June 22, 2009

It’s obvious – why bother with the research

Reckon you know something about fonts, older people and browsers. See how you get on with these questions:

"In this day and age, most people who need to increase their font sizes in their web browser already know how to do it." Right or Wrong?

"People who do need to resize type will do so via the browser; it's not hard to do so." Rights or Wrong?

"It's not 1995; not all 50+ people are such newbies that they don't know, or wouldn't want to know, how to resize text in a browser." Right or Wrong?

"The people who most need to increase font size are people 65+, which is the group least-likely to be skilled enough to have adjusted settings." Right or Wrong?

Now go an have a look at the latest edition of Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for the answers and find out how some hot shots from the Web design world got on with the questions. Dick Stroud

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