Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June Newsletter has just been published

I haven’t kept my New Year’s resolution and published the 20plus30 newsletter at the beginning of each month. No excuses, just the pressure of work and idleness.

Anyway, I have just made a mid-year resolution and will ensure that a newsletter is published each month from today forward.

The June edition has the following contents:
  • Recession forces marketers to get smart - gives access to my latest article.
  • Reveals the impact of the recession on the 50-plus - details of the research I conducted with Mature Marketing.
  • InTwoFocus -news about the launch of my Web video company
  • Best practice in 50-plus marketing – details of the Webinar series I edited that contains contributions from the great and the good of the 50-plus marketing world.
What a feast of great content. Dick Stroud

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