Monday, June 08, 2009

Marketers focus on the short term

A survey by the US Association of National Advertisers found that the recession has forced two-thirds of marketers to shift their focus to short-term strategies.

Relatively few respondents reported that any marketing initiatives had been shelved or delayed, but many are being reduced, including:
• Media budgets (56%)
• Production budgets (50%)
• Sponsorship/events activities (41%)

The activities most likely to be maintained throughout the recession include:
• Research and development (47%)
• Public relations (42%)
• Innovation/test/learn budgets (33%)
• Promotion activities (33%.

The activities most likely to be increased in the current economic environment are:
• Pricing deals (47%)
• Social networking and word of mouth activities (26%)
• Public relations efforts (23%)

This survey was conducted online in April 2009 among 129 members of the ANA Brand Marketer Leadership Community panel.

I am not sure what to make of these numbers since its was a small and highly selective research group. However, it provides a set of numbers against which to compare your own budgetary cuts. Dick Stroud

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