Thursday, June 18, 2009

Word of Mouth (offline) works better than online social media

The argument is more complex than my title suggests but that is the gist of the conclusions from a recent Harris research.

The thing that fascinated me was the results to the question: “"Thinking of that most recent product or service purchase, which of the following methods of gathering information, if any, did you use to identify the choices of product or service you considered for purchase? Please select all that apply."

Look how similar the results are over the age spectrum.

The big difference is the use made of public social networking site that is still Yoof dominated.

Look at the data for the percentage that use the company’s web site.

Thanks to Chuck Nyren for identifying this research - has also written about this subject. Dick Stroud

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Internet Strategist @GrowMap said...

Thank you for the post and the link to the Harris research. I have shared this post at Twitter, FriendFeed and cliKball.

Your titles aren't being picked up by Social Networking sites like Twitter and FriendFeed. You may want to check that out as most won't take the time to type them in and you'll get fewer click-throughs because of that.