Saturday, July 04, 2009

Age old stereotypes

I was not that complimentary about one of the Standard Life’s earlier ads about: “People don’t grow old like they used to.” A more recent one is better - but I wonder how many people know who the guy is? I do, do you?

Anyway this is not to do with the creative but the ongoing research from Standard Life into oldies. The most recent document is called “Age Old Stereotypes”. This is what it says about itself
This report, the latest in the ‘Death of Retirement’ series, adds to the body of evidence that the baby boomers will abolish the current understanding of the concept of retirement.

Those born between 1946 and 1964 are more ambitious for the future than any other generation before at this age. This transformation provides a clarion call to the financial services industry. We have to change how we discuss ageing and long term planning, using language that harnesses consumers’ excitement, rather than dwelling on their fears.

If we can help consumers make the connection between their aspirations and long term savings solutions, then we will enable people to have the future they hope for. It really is that simple.
Well I certainly agree with the sentiment.

It is a strange report. Not the lush glossy approach of HSBC’s equivalent document. It is a bit edgy – a compliment not a criticism. I don’t think you will learn anything new but is definitely worth a quick look. Dick Stroud

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