Friday, July 17, 2009

New Mosaic classifications

Experian has rebuilt and updated its consumer classification Mosaic UK with a range of additional data sources.

This is what Experian says about its changes for the 50-plus.
The new version of Mosaic improves understanding of older people by making a distinction between the increasingly active nature of early retirement years (with the commercial opportunities this presents) and the latter years requiring more health and social care.

It identifies a move away from the traditional south coast retirement towns with many more affluent retirees (dubbed County Loving Elders) moving inland to historical and cultural towns and others (Beachcombers) seeking exclusive seaside villages and expensive holiday destinations.
I want to get more details about these changes but navigating the Experian web site is like playing Level 99 on some devious Nintendo mind trainer. Maybe Experian thinks that it is providing a public service by making its web site as difficult as possible to use. Dick Stroud

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