Friday, July 17, 2009

Over-50s are confused about finance - so are the financial institutions

Today there is research published that comes to totally different conclusions about the financial attitudes of the over-50s.

LV= concludes that Britain's over 50s are struggling more than ever to keep up the level of savings needed to fund a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

Who or what you might ask is LV=. Every time I write anything about his company I wonder how much they paid their branding consultancy to come up with this name.

On the same day we read that: “Contrary to the perception that people are stashing cash under the mattress in the recession, research by Saga Financial Planning shows that many over 50s are forecasting strong investment opportunities over the next 18 months, with nearly a third (29%) tipping shares as good prospects.

Optimistic over 50s are also seeing growth potential in the housing market, with a fifth (20%) thinking it offers superior long term returns. One in ten says that savings offer the best opportunity to make the most of their money.

Pays your money takes your choice who you believe.

With all of this PR generating research you have to ask yourself: “what research results are in the best interest of the company.” It is amazing how the results and corporate best interest seem to coincide. Call me a cynic? You had better believe it. Dick Stroud

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