Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't generalise about the behaviour of Millennials - or any other age group

David Wolfe has an excellent blog about an article in Fast Company about Gen Y, Millennials, or whatever you want to call them.

The writer of article is a tad put out by the way his generation is summed up by a few simple behaviours. You know the sort thing; they have a three-second attention span, were weaned on emails, texts, and instant messages etc etc.

David makes a couple of good points. I will quote his blog:
For sure there are stylistic differences between boomers in their earlier years and today's Millennial. However; to a remarkable degree the substantive elements of Millennial’ attitudes and behaviour mirror the attitudes and behaviour of boomers in their youthful years.

Eschewing sweeping generalizations made about the attitudes and behaviour of Millennial in his Fast Company article the author has put marketers on notice that they invite disappointing results in their campaigns if they take much of what self-styled experts say on Millennials at face value.
It is good to see that it is not only the older age groups that get fed up having their behaviours distilled down to a handful of motherhood statements. Dick Stroud

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