Sunday, August 23, 2009

A rare glimse into China

You don’t often get an insight into what is happening in China vis a vis the older market so it is particularly interesting to read about an organisation called Pinetree that says its mission is to be:
China's trusted brand for senior healthy living - whether it is their children seeking to provide their parents with quality home care solutions that help their parents enjoy independent living, or mature citizens themselves that are seeking trusted products and services (home care, wellness, insurance, travel), Pinetree aims to be their first destination.
A big focus of the company’s offering is its digital literacy services that: “helps seniors to access and enjoy the internet through tailored, quality and fun training courses that is integrated with Pinetree's online platform and training portal.” This all sounds very similar to the UK’s Digital Unite.

Pinetree certainly has a big and fast growing market. As China rises through the league table and towards the top, as the fastest ageing country, I bet there will be a few more Pintrees being established. Dick Stroud

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