Friday, August 14, 2009

Some things about food and age groups

The Center for Culinary Development and Packaged Facts has done a survey of the generational differences in the comfort food we eat. Overall, we all seem to stuff our face with the same sort of stuff but there are a few subtle differences, things like:

Boomers prefer "classic" comfort foods such as braised meats, casseroles and ice cream, but many also enjoy gourmet choices such as high-quality dark chocolate and fancy cheeses and crave foods from their childhoods such as peanut butter, popcorn, foods made with canned tuna fish, chicken noodle soup and hot oatmeal.

Gen Xers are more accustomed to commercial fare, and crave fast food (especially hamburgers) and burritos. They cite branded foods more often than the other generations, including favourite packaged cookies, ice creams, candies and snacks.

Gen Yers, in contrast to other cohorts, also include healthier foods, including sushi and fruits, among their favourite comfort foods. They are less inclined than Gen X to associate specific brands with comfort foods.

It will cost you lots of dollars if you want the details of the study but I guess if comfort food is your busienss it is worth the money. However, I reckon there are significant differences between the US and Europe. Dick Stroud

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