Sunday, August 09, 2009

Teens Don't Tweet... Or Do They?

danah boyd is a very smart lady. This is her excellent blog about the dodgy statistics that are used to support the statement that “Teens don’t Tweet”.

It is worth reading because it illustrates what happens when somebody with a highly logical and bright mind dissects the statistics that are churned out by the research agencies.

What really amused me was one of the faults she found in the use of age ranges that don’t relate to the target group. In this case, conclusions are made about the uptake of Twitter in the age range 0-24. As she points out, this age range doesn’t equate to ‘teens’. It is exactly the same as when companies draw some conclusion about Internet use by people in the age range 55-70. A totally meaningless age range that just happens to be convenient for their research process.

A really well written blog. Dick Stroud

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