Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'Agenda' no longer on the agenda for merged age charities

What a difference a week can make. On the 21st October I wrote that it looked likely that amalgamation between Help the Aged and Age Concern would result in a new charity called Agenda.

Today a spokesman for the charity said: "We are now finalising our new brand name after consultation with our partners and older people - as yet there is no final decision, but we have rule out Agenda as a name for the organisation."

I can only assume the response from the partners and older peeople to the name wasn’t that good.

This is the trouble once you start searching around for a new name. One thing you can be certain is that you will antagonise a lot of people. Either they don’t like the name, don’t see why a new name was necessary and/or are horrified by the costs.

Message to the Marketing Manager at Agenda/Age Concern/Help the Aged you have my sympathy.Dick Stroud

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Chuck Nyren said...

"Elderhostel" is available.