Monday, September 07, 2009

A rant against technology vendors

I really enjoy reading Laurie Orlov’s blog (Aging in Place Watch). Her most recent posting really made me laugh. It begins.
This is a rant. I am tired of youth-oriented tech vendors with their back-to-school laptops. I am tired of how clumsy and non-intuitive most computing technologies are -- especially home networks.
I am convinced that vendors like Apple, Cisco, Dell, HP, Intel, and Microsoft must be populated with thirty-somethings who design products for themselves and their inner geek. (Gee, why have a device that can be plugged in and just works? Instead, why don't we just add these 14 configuration steps?). So it has always been thus and so perhaps will always be.
But with so many boomers who insist on staying put in their homes and who have more disposable income (even accounting for the recession assault on their portfolios) why not make and market home technology for them?
These are not the words of a techno phobic oldie but from a leading industry analyst who worked for Forrester Research. Keep it up Laurie. Dick Stroud

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