Monday, September 21, 2009

RIAS adopts a new theme for its advertising

In the past RIAS has very successfully pursued a simple style of advertising with a single message: “If you are 50-plus you can get your insurance cheaper at RIAS.”

The result has been that RIAS is now a major player in the UK insurance market. There is nothing like a simple message.

This month the company has launched an integrated campaign to move things to a more sophisticated (aspirational) level. The message now is: “You are 50-plus, you contribute a lot to the economy and you have lots of life left to do extraordinary things”.

First came the PR campaign. This was a classic “research campaign” aimed at generating press comment. It is a nice bit of research and definitely worth downloading.

Then came the new ad and press campaign.

Overall, I reckon they have done a pretty good job.

I don’t particularly like the ad, but readers of this blog will know I have an aversion to water being used in the context of illustrating the vigour of age – a purely personal thing.

As always, I welcome comments from the marketing titans that read this blog. Dick Stroud

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