Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oldies dominate online charitable giving

A spokesman for JustGiving, leading online platform for charity giving, said 25% of the funds raised on the site were from people aged 45 and over who gave more than £50.

He said a further 33% cent of revenue was from donors aged 55 and over. Also, it would be wrong to assume that younger donors were used to giving online, he said, because for 45% of 18 to 24-year-olds, their JustGiving donation was the first time they had used the internet to donate to charity.

The message is clear: "Ignore your older donors online at your peril. People aged between 17 and 24 make up only 7% of the site’s revenue, and people over 65 counts for 11%.

He went on to say:” It’s easy to get carried away with the ‘new breed' of online donors, because their contribution is important. But charities shouldn't forget about the ‘old breed' too," he said.
Having used the JustGiving web site I can vouch that it is extremely good.

Another bit of proof, as if any is needed, about the importance of the online 50-plus, 60-plus and 70-plus. Dick Stroud

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