Monday, October 26, 2009

Prudential - new advertising campaign

This weekend the quality newspapers were full of a new advertising campaign from Prudential.

I like it.

I like it because it clearly understands the concerns of the older consumer who has seen their investments and pension expectations taken a hammering by the recession.

Another ad, that uses the same guy, has the copy:

At 65 you should have a lot to look forward to.
And it isn’t just being 66.

The body of the copy says:
Clich├ęs about retirement often pain a pretty picture. Twenty years of gold, grandchildren and pottering about the garden, but you probably know from your own parents it’s rarely that simple.
Life’s day to day demands have a habit of scuppering long term plans……..

I really like the style. Note that the ad appears to be targeted at the children of the 65+ but I am sure it will also have an impact with the older consumer.

I was also impressed to see that Prudential was making use of Web video. It a long (25 mins) pension surgery with Alvin Hall and a retirement specialist from Prudential. Impressive stuff. Dick Stroud

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