Monday, October 05, 2009

Retirement Revolution – new reality

The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company has sponsored a TV series - The Retirement Revolution Series – that is a 90-minute national documentary series broadcast by PBS that looks at the financial, social and health challenges facing Americans.

Why don’t European companies do something like this? Why don’t European companies understand to use their own YouTube channels? Dick Stroud


Chris Gosling said...

I'm doing my best to convert them, Dick!

laura said...

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- 5.3M Alzheimer's sufferers
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- $148B - Annual Medicare treatment cost (3X higher than for patients without AD)
- $24.8B - Annual healthcare cost to business
$36.5B – Annual caregiver cost to business

The cost is expected to rise unabated
- 72M people will be over 65 by 2028
- Risk of brain decline increases dramatically with age
- BY 2010, the number of new AD cases per year will be ~500, 000
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It's every person for themselves.