Thursday, October 08, 2009

Web usability - good advice

Thanks to the guys Immersion Active for this link about 10 tips to improve web usability. It is a nicely presented article and the content is bang on.

1. Form Labels Work Best Above The Field
2. Users Focus On Faces
3. Quality Of Design Is An Indicator Of Credibility
4. Most Users Do Not Scroll
5. Blue Is The Best Color For Links
6. The Ideal Search Box Is 27-Characters Wide
7. White Space Improves Comprehension
8. Effective User Testing Doesn’t Have To Be Extensive
9. Informative Product Pages Help You Stand Out
10. Most Users Are Blind To Advertising

These are all basic things but still web designers ignore/forget or try and be too clever and break the rules. Dick Stroud

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Mike from Drop Ship said...

Very true. Most of the users don't pay heed to advertising.