Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What value PR initiated research?

Anybody who reads this blog knows that I am ultra-sceptical of the worth of PR research results (i.e. research that is done to generate column inches/cm).

Scottrade, the online investing company, has researched how age affects the attitudes to investing and concluded that young investors (born 1983-1991, ages 18-26) are the most likely to manage their own investments and to describe investing as “fun and interesting.”

Gen Y was also the most confident that it would recoup its losses quickly, with half of investors expecting to recover fully in less than two years.

What the report of the research did not disclose the levels of investments by age. I would guess that your average 18-26 year old is investing a tiny fraction of a 43 -64 year old, so it isn’t surprising that they might have different attitudes.

I really do wonder the worth of this straw poll type research, however, the fact that I have written about it shows that it achieved its objective and generated commentary, so I guess it was successful in that objective. Dick Stroud.

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