Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coca-Cola is targeting just about everybody

An item appeared in one of the UK marketing magazines that states that Coca-Cola is targeting the emerging middle classes, ageing customers and younger, more environmentally-conscious consumers in a bid to double its revenue by 2020.

It is would be more informative to say the groups that Coca-Cola is not targeting.

You have to give it to the brand, it’s cannot be accused of “aiming too low” when it wants double the daily servings to over three billion and be the ‘number 1’ non-alcoholic ready-to-drink brand in every market and every category within a decade.

The ceo says that there will be a renewed focus on older, wealthier consumers: “To target aging and affluent consumer globally, we are actively exploring new ingredients, new functionality and new occasions."

This all sounds exciting stuff. It will be interesting to see how the aspirations translate into product and advertising. Dick Stroud

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