Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An interesting way of getting your message to an older audience.

I have just received some information from a company (Live Marketing). As the name suggests, is all about getting your stuff, directly into the hands of your target customers.

The Boat and Caravan show has a nice tasty audience for anybody interested in the older market. Average age is 48 years, 76% are ABC1 (significantly higher than the UK population), average household income is £38,307 (23% more than the national average) etc etc …

Of course the group are self selecting because of their interest in caravans and boats. For a lot of UK marketers, especially the younger variety, this enough to consign the idea to the scrapheap.

I think that would be foolish. Goody Bags will ensure your promotional material is thrust into to hands of the show attendees.

Sounds like an idea worth thinking about. Dick Stroud

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