Sunday, November 08, 2009

RIAS's focus on the 50-plus pays off

RIAS, the insurance company that is exclusively for the 50-plus, has been voted in the top 2 Car insurance providers in the UK, by the Auto Express readers in the 2009 Driver Power survey, the same position as in 2008.

To drive, sorry excuse the pun, the company on to bigger and better things it has appointed BUPA's ex-chief marketing officer as marketing director, with a remit to increase the brand's use of digital channels in its direct marketing mix.

Just goes to show how successful a company can be that commits to selling to the older market.

A word of advice to the new marketing director. Have a good look at the company’s web site. It is need of good spring clean. Not very logical, inspiring or easy to use. Dick Stroud

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