Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RIAS’s aquatic customers

Back in September I talked about RIAS’s TV advertising campaign featuring the "real life" of an over-50s consumer.

The company has just launched a new home insurance ad that recognises that today's over 50s are active, individual, busy and experienced. This tale of the everyday 50-plus features a volunteer lifeboatman.

I expect that the choice of the lifeboat theme has a lot to do with the popularity of these people and their charity with older Brits.

What made me smile is that RIAS is perpetuating the fascination that companies have with older people and water. The first ad featured a women long distance swimmer. So many ads have older people on the beach, wobbling around on surf boards or running hand in hand through the waves. I am sure the reason I notice this water thing is that I hate the stuff – not the washing or drinking variety but the sort that get you wet.

Anyway, RIAS is highly successful company and I am sure they have done their homework and tested the ad to destruction with the target market.

Finally, a personal plea to the new marketing director of the company who is on record as saying that she intends to make more use of digital media. After spending a pile of money on a new ad and PR campaign why not ensure that you digital media, like this ad, is at least available on YouTube or your the web site? Dick Stroud

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Mike from Drop Ship said...

People relax in old age and I think water also signifies relaxation to some extent. Thus, the aquatic ads having old people in them.