Monday, November 30, 2009

A smart bit age-neutral celebrity picking – or not?

Gym chain LA Fitness has signed a four-year profit-sharing deal with singer and 'Strictly Come Dancing' star Alesha Dixon that goes beyond the usual flat-fee endorsement model.

In addition to doing media and marketing work as the face of the company, Dixon will work closely with the LA Fitness board devising new dance and exercise routines and advising on health and fitness issues. The chief honcho of LA Fitness, said: "Alesha will bring a fresh, contemporary eye to the entire LA Fitness business. We look forward to working with her to develop new classes and products that our current members will enjoy, and that capture the imagination of potential members."

I think this is code for saying that Ms Dixon will be able to broaden the age appeal of the fitness group.

This lady clearly has an appeal to younger people but has been able to extend it to older people who make up a large segment of the Strictly Come Dancing audience.
Looks to me like a smart move. I guess it all comes down to how good Alesha is at playing at being a celebrity. Dick Stroud.

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