Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Age Concern Liverpool is selling it experience

To be more precise it is selling access to the 20,000 people on its Age Concern database. I thought that Age Concern had morphed into Age UK – maybe not.

Anyway, market researchers can gain access to this group of older people in the Liverpool area by contacting David Rowland at Age Concern Liverpool. Alternatively you can contact the guys at Generation Comms. This is a new consultancy set up to advise on marketing to older people.

This is what Generation Comms says about itself.
Generation Communications Partnership has been established by a group of seasoned professionals with a wealth of communication, PR, marketing and business strategy experience to help you to untap customer potential in the 50+ age groups.
It is always good news to see new agencies providing services to companies wanting to market to the older market. I wish them well.

This is the first time I have seen an Age Concern region go it alone and promote its local marketing resources. I wonder I this is the shape of things to come? One Age UK and zillions of Age Regions Dick Stroud

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