Monday, January 18, 2010

Growth in ‘ethnic minorities’ an effect of ageing

An article in Adage - A Primer on the New America for CMOs – contains a fascinating factlet.
80% of people age 65-plus is white non-Hispanics. But just 54% of children under age 18 will be white non-Hispanics. It looks almost certain that White non-Hispanics will account for fewer than half of births by 2015. In 2010, Hispanics are the US’s fastest-growing and largest minority (50 million people).
Only two in three babies born in England and Wales are white British.

If you add geodemographics to the mix you find that England, and I am sure the US, is a patchwork of high density ethnic minority/younger and white/older geographic areas.

The bottom line of this is that when marketers think about the differences in their approach to marketing to older and younger people they should also include the ethnicity factor. It means that older age group is more homogenous then the young. Now that is a sentence I never thought I would be writing. Dick Stroud

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