Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why mobile apps and older people are made for each other

The first days of a New Year, in a new decade, demands a new blog. What better subject to blog about than apps - those bundles of functionality that are fast going to be the norm on our mobile phones?

The combination of smart new mobile hardware and operating systems, 3G, GPS, motion detection, zillions of data feeds, speech and character recognition all tied up in a bow using apps development toolkits makes for the most exciting technology breakthrough since we typed our first http://www.

As usual this new technology is seen as being only appropriate to the young, who are thought to be synonymous with early adopters. I am not so sure. Mobile apps provide companies with massive opportunities to provide benefit (in exchange for money) to highly targeted audiences.

We are not just talking about building ‘profitable’ apps but creating them to be bundled into the very core of other products and services.

In 12 months we will look at the today’s apps as primitive first attempts. For those of you who can remember, they will be like watching a data transmission using a 56k modem and thinking it was fantastic and couldn’t be bettered.

So here we go. The blog is up and going. I would love to hear about any apps or features of smartphones that you think are particularly useful for older people or are intrinsically age-friendly. Enjoy. Dick Stroud

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