Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The great water conspiracy

On one hand I think the preoccupation of always associating Boomers with water is a trivial issue. On the other hand I think their must be a rationale other than annoying the hell out of me.

Maybe it is to do with the idea that human race emerged from the water and as the years creep by we return to it? Maybe the number of photos in the photo libraries of older people and water has reached a tipping point so that instead of creating new ones it is easy to produce another variant on the same theme. Weird.

This one is published by grandparents.com – worth a look as it contains some interesting data. Dick Stroud

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Greg Marshall said...

Ok, your freaking me out. I'm starting to notice it as well. There's some serious water retention going on with Boomers.

All those land-locked boomers in the mid-west must think it's really strange.