Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Large charities, be worried, be very worried

Like most things in life, economic problems take longer to develop than you think. The horrible economic conditions that are about to engulf large UK charities have been brewing for a couple of years and may still have another 12 months before they really start crashes over their heads

The head of the Charity Commission reckons that the trustees of large charities that are heavily reliant on public sector funding must take measures to avoid finding themselves on a "financial cliff edge" when the current spending round ends.

This is also a warning for all of the agency, support and consultancy organisations that depend on business coming from the charity, government and quango area. Times are going to get tough.

If large dollops of public spending aren't t going to pay the bills then who will? The corporate sector – I think not.

The consumer – maybe, if you have a compelling proposition that is formulated in simple language rather than the bureaucratic gobbledygook that most of these guys speak.

What part of the consumer audience? Methinks most likely the older consumer.

The smart charities will take this onboard and start to reorientate their strategy now rather than when the bailiffs start knocking on the door. Dick Stroud

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