Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Apple iPad User Analysis

Who the hell is buying iPads? Demographics are hard to find and anyway the initial surge of users will not be representative of the final mass audience.

Just a week after the iPad’s launch, Yahoo began to analyze the behaviour of the first iPad users on the Yahoo! network. This is what they found

As expected within the classic early-adopter profile, we identified a male skew in the 35-44 age group among these early users. In fact, among all users, men outnumber women 2:1. Given the economy, people with higher earning power were probably the first to buy the iPad. The first Yahoo! iPad users were 94% more likely to be affluent consumers with solid wealth and strong incomes than typical U.S. Yahoo! users.

The sweet spot for the Yahoo! iPad user is within the 35-44 age category, where the population composition is 36% higher than the typical Yahoo! user. Additionally, iPad users over-indexed within the age ranges 30-54 compared to the average U.S. Yahoo! user.

Many iPad users own another Apple product. Nearly half (48%) of Yahoo! iPad users own an iPhone and had visited Yahoo! on the iPhone previously.

My bet is the age skew will increase as the mass market start to buy the product. Dick Stroud

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