Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fascinating announcements from Google

This is not strictly about the 50-plus but it has the potential to have considerable impact on them and the 50-minus.

If you have the time, watch this video from the Google IO conference. If you want a condensed version read this FT blog posting. If you only have 30 secs read these announcements.

Maybe this will get your attention. Google announced a:
Web application store
Video standard (and will convert ALL of it YouTube video)
Set of Cloud services

The new Chrome web store will rival Microsoft programs and Intel’s AppUp store and provide tablet makers with the tools to fight Apple’s iPad and iTunes. Google's WebM video standard will be a long-term threat to Adobe’s Flash technology and will irk the hell out of Apple. Finally, its Cloud services and associated Google App Engine for Business will certainly get the attention of Amazon and Microsoft and all of those floating around in the clouds.

Make no mistake. This stone in the pond is going to create big ripples. As far as I can see the more choice the better. Dick Stroud

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