Sunday, May 09, 2010

Specsavers memorable ad

During late Jan and for most of Feb 2010 Nielsen in the U.K. analysed TV advertising for their memorability.

This Specsavers ad ranked 2nd for ad recall and 3rd for brand recall. What this translated through into additional or lost sales for Specsavers we will never know, unless some kind soul at Specsavers would like to tell us.

My personal take on the ad was that I found it amusing. I think it just stayed on the right side of the line of being patronising or gaining its impact at the expense of portraying older people as dim wits. As this blog posting illustrated, older people have no problems laughing at themselves but like everybody else don’t like being laughed at.

I think the inclusion of the younger faces experiencing the same fright as the older couple helped.

Also, the choice of these older people will play well with the slightly younger and brighter old who find the dithering of older people annoying, even thought they will be in the same position in the near future – but not yet.

An interesting ad to dissect. Dick Stroud

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