Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Boomerangers are back

Well done Luminosity Marketing for attempting to research and put some structure about households containing multiple adult generations. In particular the Boomerang kids.

Luminosity defines Boomerangers as young adults who, after living away from home, have returned to their parent’s home and, thus, have remained somewhat dependent on their parents.

They estimate that 13% of parents with grown children say that at least one child has moved back home in the past year as a result of the economic ills that are griping Europe and the US.

The company has even broken Boomerangers into a couple of different segment.

The thing I found most interesting was the chart that shows the involvement of Boomerangers and their parents in decision making. I have not idea if the data in this chart is accurate, but it beautifully illustrates the changing way that households will make decisions after the kids have come back. This impacts both our ideas about the older and younger consumer groups. For sure they are not going to spend the same way after a period of living back together. Dick Stroud

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