Sunday, June 13, 2010

The word ‘retirement’ should be retired

The FT highlights some research from a heavy duty MR project (National Childhood Development Study). Apparently, almost nine out of 10 people in their early 50s are considering working on past state pension age in order to have a higher standard of living.

The finding, which is tracking the lives of 10,000 people born in one week in 1958. As you can see, this is not a cheap bit of PR research but research with legs.

The headline finding from the research (in my view) was that financial necessity was not the only reason people considered working on.

More than 90% of those finding it quite difficult to manage financially said they would consider continued work as did those in lower paid jobs. But so did 86% of those who said they lived comfortably, or had higher professional and managerial jobs.

So much for lifestage marketing and the importance of the statutory retirement age as being a major life change trigger. Dick Stroud

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