Thursday, July 29, 2010

How the recession is changing shopping habits – store brands are on the march and will keep marching

This podcast from Deloitte Insight’s group is worth 18 minutes of your life. The message for CPG companies is not one they will want to hear. The recession (and it is only just beginning) is accelerating the acceptability of store brands. What started as a short term change in buying looks like it is getting cemented into the consumer's buying behaviour.

Deloitte has segmented consumer behaviour and come up with four distinct types of behaviours. The podcast is full of facts and really worth a listen.

What is fascinating is that there is one question on the Deloitte web page containing this podcast.

Question: "Out of the four groups it would be interesting to know if certain ages seemed to be grouped together."

Answer: "In our segmentation model that looked at attitudes and behaviours, we found that age, while important, is not a defining characteristic of the changed consumer in the recession."

Now isn’t that interesting? Dick Stroud

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