Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kids, stop moaning and just leave the baby-boomers alone

This is the title of Catherine Bennett’s article in today’s Observer.

I have commented a number of times about the infantile warblings of the anti-boomer brigade so I will not bother to do so again. This is not a bad article and makes all of the right points. The sad and disturbing thing is the associated comments.

Clearly, there are some really sad people out there who blame all of their misfortunes onto somebody else, preferably a wicked Conservative politician. I guess the world has always had its inadequates? It is one of the downsides of the Internet that enables these people to promote their ill-conceived opinions.

Most older people are acutely aware of the hard time being had by young people and doing their best to ease their pain. Most young people I meet are acutely aware of their misfortune of being born after a period of financial mismanagement of the European economies, on an unbelievable scale, by a bunch of incompetent politicians. Yes Mr Brown, I mean you!

It has nothing to do with age and everything to do with the frailty and appalling lack of ability of the governing class.

Dick Stroud

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