Sunday, July 04, 2010

Web creep on steroids

Web creep is a common disease that afflicts all but the most disciplined Web sites.

Yahoo has a terrible dose of the disease - Google has remained remarkably free from affliction.

The most common symptoms of Web Creep is a progressive disregard for the person using the site that is replaced by the desire to try and squeeze as many links, images and bits of animation on the page as possible.

The first thing to go is the navigation structure that had a pristine logic at the site's birth and then decays, so that the site user has no idea where they are likely to find the links to satisfy their requirement.

One of the most common causes of the disease is lack of discipline to enforce access to the cherished home page real estate. Web designers give up trying to force the hot shot marketers from forcing their links onto the page. The result is muddle.

I haven't had a look at the Tesco site for some time and was amazed to see what a mess it has become. Come on guys, you are a terrific company. Sort it out.

Whilst young people might have the patience to fight their way through the multiple navigation options the same will not happen with the older consumer.

This is the way the site looked in 2008. To my mind it is much easier to use. I wonder what has happened in the past 24 months? Dick Stroud

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