Tuesday, September 14, 2010

20 Mbs broadband services for oldies - dream on

The average broadband speed in the UK is 5.2Mbps. This is a tad misleading. If you are forced to use the old fashioned copper wire broadband then your average speed is 3.3 Mbs. Those people living in large towns and able to hook-up to optical fibre (less than half the population) get a speed of 8.7Mbps.

Lots of people I know are lucky to get a download speed of 1 Mbs.

Why am I telling you this.

Well, OFCOM has just published a 140 page report about Next Generation Services for Older and Disabled People. These are services requiring 20+ Mbs.

It is a bit like giving a book about advanced French cookery to somebody who can only afford fish fingers.

If you think it is worth the time you can download the report from here. Dick Stroud

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