Monday, January 10, 2011

It’s all in the interface

What is it about the iPad that is so great? Why do love using the trackpad with my iMac?

Why am I amazed and excited when I look at the computer interfaces in the films Minority Report and Iron Man 2?

It has taken me far too long to realize, something that I am sure others have know for ages, that the way we inter-relate with computers far more important that their processing power and fancy application software.

Whilst the computing power and sophistication of software has increased by a zillion percent most of us are still using the medieaval mouse and keyboard as to utilize its power.

If you get a chance have a look at this video (15 mins) to get a view of what is possible. Also, have a look the blogs Aging in place technology and Useit to get their take on the importance of the new Kinect interface.

I do hope interface designers are thinking about how these amazing new interfaces can help get the zillions of older people who are not using the Internet to go online. Dick Stroud

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