Thursday, January 06, 2011

Not every day do I get mentioned in the Huffington Post.

Thanks to Marc Middleton, the CEO of Bolder Media Group, I and some of my US chums make it into today’s edition.

In the article, Marc amusingly demolishes the nonsense that is still talked by many people in the media world about older consumers. Marc says

Not so long ago, NBC Universal called a press conference to report that its research revealed that the 55-to-64 demographic is as vibrant as younger demographics in ad spending. They even went so far as to say "54-65 is the new 18-34."
I guess you could say, “better late than never” but it is not exactly a state secret, as people like Chuck Nyren, Brent Green, Matt Thornhill plus half a dozen other people have been saying for at least the past 5 years.
It is an interesting and well-written article and well worth a read. My only gripe is the photo. Yet another member of the older generation mucking about on or near water. Dick Stroud

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