Sunday, February 13, 2011

Forrester Research - old news but worth knowing

Forrester surveyed 43,000 consumers in the U.S. and Canada to get a read on technology use.

The conclusion: The technology gap between Generation Y (18 to 30 year olds) and Gen X (31 to 44) is widening (at least in terms of the use of mobile) compared to baby boomers and seniors. Mobile adoption has soared. Among Gen Y and X, 23% own a smartphone compared to 17% of the overall population.

Meanwhile, 85% of Gen Y sends or receives text messages and 27% of that generation access social networks on mobile devices. In addition, 37% of Gen Y accesses the mobile Internet. The picture for Gen X has some nuance, but offers a similar picture.

Now this is all very interesting but Forrester, like most analysts ignore the fact that maybe older people can do the more complex applications on their mobile but choose not to. This then becomes an issue of preferences rather than technology adoption. There is subtle but important difference. Dick Stroud

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Malcolm said...

The Y brigade are the group where work email predominates. Maybe there's a clue in there somehwere???