Thursday, June 16, 2011

Older Facebook Users Catching On to ‘Liking’ Brands

I am sure this chart should tell me something that I could do something with but I just don't get it.

It is always interesting to see some showing the changing habits of older Facebook users but the observation that they are increasingly ‘linking’ to brands just doesn’t fill me with wonder and amazement.

The really interesting thing would be to know what the value is of user ‘linking’ to a brand. I guess it depends on who the person is and to what depth of linking they commit.

You can read about the research in eMarketer. Dick Stroud


Erin Read Ruddick said...

Dick, in Creating Results' most recent study we tried to ID why boomers and seniors "like" a brand, what value they get.

First off, I should note that only 15% of all active, mature social networkers we surveyed said “Yes I want to engage with a brand” on Facebook, Twitter, et al. The older you were, the more likely you were to say "No, I will not be your company's friend."

Of the small group who said "yes" or "maybe" to becoming a fan/follower, the benefits they saw were Discounts/Coupons, having one Convenient Channel for Information and being In the Know.

I invite your readers to download the eBook with findings and analysis:

Chuck Nyren said...

I'm very sorry to hear this about you, Mr. Stroud. You don't want to be friends with your toothpaste? You're going to end up being a very lonely guy.

Dick Stroud said...

Chuck - it was supposed to be a secret but I am hoping for a long-term relationship with my dishwasher