Thursday, June 09, 2011

Why bother?

I never expect much to come from the ‘interventions’ of Government (of any political hue) and in this respect I am rarely disappointed or surprised.

Back in Feb 2010 the Government launched a discussion process about the economic value of an ageing population.

Since then there has been lots of papers and ‘engagement from stakeholders’ and all of the other stuff that surrounds these ventures. I bet there have been kilos of cheap biscuits and hundred of litres of insipid coffee swilled in debate and discussions from all and sundry. The same old subjects and the same old answers.

The results of all of this effort? Not much. Have a read but don’t expect to see anything you could have got from a cursory 30 mins using Google on a wet Sunday afternoon.

Makes you want to weep. Dick Stroud

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