Saturday, July 02, 2011

Green fingered over-50s

RIAS is a UK provider of all types of insurance for the over-50s. The company recently published some research about the amount of money older people have invested in their gardens as a way of demonstrating how much of their garden equipment is uninsured.

I have absolutely no idea if these numbers are right or wrong. RIAS reckons us Brits have over £9 billion 'invested' in our gardens (i.e. garden sheds, mowers, greenhouses...)

Of this amount, the over-50s account for a large percentage and they spend around £1.5 Billion on gardening stuff.

Have a look at the press release for a complete breakdown of where all of this money is spent.

Even if the numbers are rubbish you can see the magnitude of the spend on gardening is considerable. Dick Stroud

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