Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An interesting observation from High50

I haven’t heard much about High50 since its launch. Maybe it is keeping quiet as the money comes rolling in.

I hope it is doing OK because I do like the quality and style of the web site and the newsletters. The newsletter I received this week had an interesting item about brands.

Here are some selective quotes:

According to the latest CoolBrands survey, our generation (50+) has changed the market for – and the meaning of – cool.
The coolest brands in the UK are increasingly the ones that are consumed by the over-50s rather than the under-30s. Aston Martin came first with Apple second, followed closely by Harley-Davidson, Rolex and Bang & Olufsen.
Perhaps the only one of these that you might associate with youth is Apple. But when you think about it, Apple is in fact the archetypal baby boomer brand, as personified by the late Steve Jobs (who was born in 1955).

What interested me was that at least two (B&O and Apple) lead the world in design. Some would say that so does Aston Martin. In my mind it is the simplicity and beauty of the design differentiates these brands and this is clearly something that works well for older people. Dick Stroud

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