Thursday, November 10, 2011

Research from Forrester about online spending habits

According to Forrester, older boomers (age 56-66) spend the most online of all generations.

Sorry about the quality of the image but if you should just about be able to make out the figures.

I am sure that the consultancy will sell you a nice copy of the chart but you will require your credit card at the ready.

If you believe the data it would seem that older boomers spent an average of $367 online in the 3 months preceding the report (November 2011).

This is more than double the amount spent online ($138) by “Gen Z” adults (age 18-22) in that time period.

“Younger Boomers” (age 46-55) are the next biggest spenders ($318), closely followed by “Gen Y” adults (age 23-31), who spent an average of $311.

Overall, 72% of US online adults purchased products and services online, spending an average of $292 over the 3-month period. The top products bought online by all age demographics were apparel/clothing and accessories, purchased by 38% of Gen Z adults and 37% of Gen Y adults.

So there you are. I am not sure how these numbers stack up against those in the Europe.

The figure I thought most interesting was the amount spent by the 66+ (the Golden Generation). Don't forget that these numbers refer to those people online not to the total age group. Dick Stroud

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