Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some good news for the Care Industry - bad news for local authorities

A High Court judgement has recently declared the actions of a local authority (Sefton) illegal when it tried to freeze the funding it made available for the care of the elderly. Read the full article on the BBC web site.

The way local authorities have been behaving in the UK has been disgraceful and now we find it is also illegal. Old people were seen as easy targets for cuts so the the councils could maintain the payment of sky high pensions to their own workers. As I have been saying for a couple of years the care industry is in a mess - just read this.

Now maybe councils will have to get to grips with looking for real savings in their budgets rather than putting all of the pain onto the elderly. Great decision by the courts and a good news for the care industry who whilst still suffering from the recession will at least get some chance of increasing their fees in line with inflation. Dick Stroud

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